Course Education Level: Two-Year Technical

Introduction to Electronics

This learning module is provided by Work-Ready Electronics and provides an introduction to electronics. Work-Ready Electronics modules are intended to be used either independently or integrated with current electronics curricula in college programs. This module is divided into three sections: Course Materials, Learning Activities, and Resources.

Advanced Engines in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)

This Advanced Engines in Hybrid Electric Vehicle module consists of a PowerPoint presentation, two labs, and a syllabus designed to enhance automotive engine courses with HEV technologies and was developed through seed funding from the Center for Advanced Automotive Technologies (CAAT).

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

The document is divided into the following chapters: Introduction, Sensors, Microwaves, Image Analysis, Applications, and more. Each chapter includes descriptions, definitions, graphics, and diagrams. Additionally, each chapter ends with a short answer review question along with its answer.

Fundamentals of LiDAR Technologies

This 45-page resource, from Baker College, is an educational module that provides theoretical knowledge about the growing technology of Lidar. The module includes a laboratory component where students experiment with an industry grade commercial Lidar device and learn hands-on about its features and performance. The module can be embedded in courses in photonics, electronics, advanced …

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