National Visiting Committee

The NCAT National Visiting Committee is comprised of representatives from National Centers, ATE projects and other educational programs related to autonomous technologies. Members also include internationally, recognized certification organizations, national and global business leaders, respected consultants and innovators across the air, land and sea domains of autonomous technologies. 

NSF National Visiting Committees (NVC) are an NSF resource and advocate for transformational concepts in technician education. The NCAT NVC has a critical role in helping assure the highest-quality outcomes in all aspects of the NCAT center hosted at Northland Community and Technical College. The NCAT NVC services three primary functions: 

  1. Providing advice to the Principal Investigator and NCAT Center staff based on collective expertise and perspectives through helpful feedback, advice and guidance to assist in broadening the perception of current trends in the AT field and recommending effective ways of disseminating NCAT center results.
  2. Assessing the center’s progress through an objective lens to help focus on issues important to NSF and to the NCAT team, progress and plans, and developing recommendations which can help maximize their impact. 
  3. Advocating for the project, including helping disseminate the project’s achievements. 


Meet Our NVC Members

Steve Kane
Director SpaceTEC
Alina George
Program Lead
FAA Drone Integration Office
Mike Hanson
North Valley Career & Technology Center
Millicent Pitts
Executive Director
Ocean Exchange, Inc.
Justin Manley
Founder and Consultant
Just Innovation, Inc.
Chad Sheets
Lead Technical Training Instructor
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Performance Institute
Kapil Madathil
Director of Technology Operations
Wing Cheung
Faculty & Principal Investigator
Palomar College
Mel Cossette
Andrew Shepherd
Executive Director & Chief Scientist
Sinclair Community College
Todd Colten
Founder & Chief Aerospace Engineer
Brad Hayden
Founder & CEO
Robotic Skies
Pam Oakes
Automotive Industry SME
DIY Motor City LLC
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