Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program: Innovation Hub


Course Description

The Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program (SIPP) was created to “address the autistic community’s employment crisis and the forecast[ed] shortage of technicians in the aeronautics industry over the next twenty years.” SIPP is a “prototypal transition pathway program for those on the autism spectrum who share a common passion for aeronautics.” The primary goals of this program are to prepare students for success in higher education and to enter the workforce in advanced technician roles. This program is a partnership between NPF Nexus and Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology. The program runs for 12 months. There is a 6-week orientation, two academic semesters, and a 6-week residency experience.

Collection Description
This collection is composed of documents that cover the SIPP Innovation Hub (IH). “The IH informs and drives the program and methodology. Physically composed of [a] Maker Space, Composite Prototyping Center, and Robotics Lab, with access to Flight Simulators and Air Traffic Control Simulators, the IH provides the space and tools for immersive and experiential learning that reinforce and build upon knowledge acquired and generates new knowledge. In addition to its physical assets the IH is imbued with a professional, collaborative, safe, affirming atmosphere that improves self-regulation and workplace behaviors, and increases productivity.” Problem-solving, goal oriented thinking, asking for help, and self-advocacy are key skills addressed through the IH. Students can pursue the following three pathways through the IH: an Innovation Challenges & Maker Laboratory curriculum, a certification pathway, and an SEL integration pathway. The certification pathway enables students to receive associates certificates in Mechanical Design and/or Additive Manufacturing.

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Eleanore Bednarsh

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