In 2019 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) organized "National Drone Safety Awareness Week" which was hosted annually until 2021. This year, we're evolving our approach with ONE Drone Safety Day!

On this site, you will be able to browse all the Drone Safety Day events, sign up to attend, and submit your own event.

Drones are the fastest growing segment of aviation in the United States. As of January 2022, over 860,000 drones have been registered with the FAA, and over 260,000 Remote Pilots have been certified by the FAA. These numbers are projected to continue to grow.

Drone Safety Day is Saturday, June 18, 2022.

The safety message for Drone Safety Day 2022 is "Fly RIGHT"

Register your drone - DroneZone
Interact with others
Gain knowledge
Have a safety plan
Trust and train

Drone Safety DAy Topic Areas

Drone Safety DAy Topic Areas

How to safely operate drones, fostering greater understanding of the commercial and recreational uses of drones, and highlighting how drones are being used in education.

Opening opportunities for all operators. Drones offer an accessible pathway into aviation and provide more opportunities for historically excluded communities to be part of the aviation community. 

Highlighting the economic, societal, and safety benefits of using drone technology. For example, using a drone to inspect infrastructure that would be more dangerous for a human to inspect (i.e. bridges, towers, power-lines, etc.).

Learning how drones are used in emergency situations such as natural disasters, search and rescue, firefighting, public safety, and other uses.

Understanding the environmental and sustainability benefits of drone technology. From reforestation to monitoring wildlife populations, there are countless ways to engage with our environment using drones.

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