Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Engineering


Course Description

This course presents fundamentals in hybrid electric, hybrid hydraulic and electric vehicle engineering with specific applications to commercial vehicles, including highway and terrain trucks, buses, mining and forestry machinery, farm tractors and construction equipment, combat and tactical military vehicles, unmanned ground vehicles, planet rovers. The course focuses on mechatronic system and component design of HEV based on the requirements to power flow management, power conversion and thus to vehicle dynamics and energy/fuel efficiency. Mechanical drivetrain engineering problems are considered in conjunction with electric drive design and then mechatronic wheel-electric drive, suspension and locomotion System design are presented. The course discusses design of batteries and energy storages and vehicle power electronics and also introduces plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Additionally to regular lectures, the course provides (i) hands-on experience in testing vehicles on the 4×4 vehicle chassis dynamometer with individual wheel control, (ii) laboratory works of hydraulically-controlled systems, (iii) computer workshops on simulating vehicles and wheel-electric drive control and (iv) practical knowledge in testing and controlling dynamics of an electric unmanned ground vehicle.

Learning Outcomes


Basic Skill Requirements

Vantsevich, Vladimir V

Course Features

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