National Center For
Autonomous Technologies

Headquartered at Northland Community & Technical College in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, NCAT is crafting, adapting, and implementing educational resources and serves as a resource hub for evidence-based research on the knowledge and skills needed to meet workforce demands while increasing the quality and diversity of the highly skilled technical workforce.

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Who we are. What we do.

Define skill standards and offer professional
development opportunities for educators and
industry professionals.
Promote and provide support to encourage engagement in STEM and autonomous technologies in secondary and post-secondary education, particularly in underserved areas.
Engage workforce and community stakeholders generating added value in programs and the workplace through opportunities using autonomous technologies.
Provide the educational resources for curriculum interactive content, application and exchange of ideas for autonomous technologies across the country.

[ Strength Through Partnerships ]

NCAT Partners are diversely spread across the nation and bring expertise from all domains; air, land, and sea in autonomous technologies

Northland Community & Technical College
St. Cloud State University
Minnesota Transportation Center of Excellence
MATE II - MATE ROV Competition
Center for Advanced Automotive Technology
GeoTech - National Geospatial Technology Center
NSF Advanced Technological Education
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