Shaping the Future of

Autonomous Technologies


Offer professional development workshops for educators and industry professionals.


Promote and provide support to encourage engagement in STEM and autonomous technologies in secondary and post-secondary education, particularly in underserved areas.



Engage workforce and community stakeholders generating added value in programs and the workplace through opportunities using autonomous technologies.


Provide the educational resources for curriculum interactive content, application and exchange of ideas for autonomous technologies across the country.

The future workforce begins with a spark

Let’s create a spark to ignite possibilities and open access to drive the future of tomorrow’s Autonomous Technologies workforce. 


" I believe autonomous technologies are transformative, changing the way society lives, works, travels and learns. Advancement of autonomous technologies will require a highly skilled and adaptable technical workforce. NCAT leads the nation's education in preparing the highly skilled technical workforce to cultivate opportunities that autonomous technologies are generating. NCAT is building the workforce by inspiring the future problem-solvers, providing advanced skills training to leadership, connecting industry and forming a nation-wide network of collaborators. There is no end to the journey, only new skies, roads and oceans to explore. "
Jonathan Beck
Jonathan Beck
Director | Principal Investigator

We are offering

Reimbursement for
Professional Development

Eligible Participants:

Secondary Educators

Faculty at community/technical colleges or universities

Faculty supporting technical education

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