Meet our team.

Jonathan Beck
Executive Director
Principal Investigator
Anton Bergee
Assistant Director
Chelsea Bladow
Equity & Inclusion
Communications Director
Zach Bladow
Information Technology Specialist
Megan Hall
Office & Administrative Specialist
Chris Hadfield
Co-Principal Investigator
MN TCOE Director
Jill Zande
Co-Principal Investigator
MATE II President & Executive Director
Zackary Nicklin
Co-Principal Investigator
Northland UAS Instructor
Vincent DiNoto, Jr.
Co-Principal Investigator
GeoTech Director & Principal Investigator
Ben Cruz
Senior Personnel
CAAT Co-Prinicpal Investigator
Mark Gill
Senior Personnel
SCSU Visualization Engineer
Aaron Sykes
STEM Outreach Coordinator
Dr. Luis Estevez
Senior Personnel
Director of SCSU SoPA
Andrew Dahlen
VEX Robotics Coordinator
Manufacturing Instructor
Steve Sorenson
Geospatial Analysis Insructor
David Anderson
Biology Faculty
VR Certified Educator
Kirk Stueve
Geography Professor
Manjari Wijenaike
Independent Consultant
Sandra Mikolaski
Independent Consultant
Seth Simonson
Associate Professor/Program Coordinator for UAS
North Dakota State College of Science
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