Marine Technology

How to Incorporate Maritime into STEM Courses

This 22-page paper, provided by the Southeast Maritime and Transportation (SMART) Center, discusses incorporating maritime into STEM courses. The paper includes a background of the maritime industry, reasons to incorporate maritime into courses, ideas and approaches for incorporation, and resources to implement maritime inclusion in courses. Main topics include the following: What is Maritime, Workforce […]

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Electronics and Robotics II

Course Description: Electronics Technology and Robotics II provide students with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and technical skill to: 1. Demonstrate safe and appropriate use of tools, machinery, and materials in electronics technology. 2. Demonstrate the proper use of a drill press, metal lathe, band saw, milling machine, and an assortment of shop hand tools. 3.

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Electronics and Robotics I

Introduction: The course assumes the students know nothing about electronics or robotics so we start from scratch. The textbooks for the course are Electricity and Electronics by Gerrish, Dugger, Roberts and Robot Building for Beginners by David Cook since they cover the fundamentals of electronics and robotics and provide a hands-on robot project called Sandwich.

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SeaMATE Underwater Robotics

These four Building Guides, one for each SeaMATE ROV kit, focus on learning the concepts behind designing, and the building of, underwater robots, and how underwater robots are used in various sectors of the Blue Economy. These guides include instructional materials such as how-to videos, Google Slide presentations, and more to support student learning. Students

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