Underwater Robotics for High School Students – Team Manual


Course Description

From the Mission Scope, you‟ll learn exactly what is required of your ROV…what mission tasks it must perform, in what sequence and in how much time. You‟ll also learn from the Mission Scope what your limitations are in terms of the size or electrical power allowed for your robot; the equipment you can, must or should not use, the number of people who are allowed to operate the robot, and a number of other rules. These rules are very specific and are used to make the competition a level playing field for all teams.

Learning Outcomes

From your Mission Scope you will be able to evaluate how well you’ve designed and built your robot. If it performs the tasks required by the Mission Scope reliably, quickly and effectively, you have been creative and done your design work well! The course learning objectives include:
  • Mission and Scope
  • Types of Robotics
  • Performance Specifications
  • Design Specifications
  • Research & Design
  • The Aquatic Environment
  • Basic Engineering Principles
  • ROV Design Considerations
  • Fabrications
  • Basic Skill Requirements


    Eastern Edge Robotics
    Eastern Edge Robotics is a multidisciplinary team with members from the Marine Institute and Memorial University. The members of Eastern Edge study in a variety of post-secondary programs. This includes ROV Technician, Computer Science, Ocean Mapping, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Ocean & Naval Architecture Engineering, and more.

    Course Features

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