Variable Speed ROV Controller VSRC-1


Course Description

One of the challenges for a novice MATE Ranger ROV team (Remote Operated Vehicle) is creating an effective thruster control system. The simplest method is a 3 position toggle switch, connected directly to a thruster. While this system is cheap, it produces herky-jerky movements and the ROV is unable to “hover”. An ROV must be able to maintain a desired water depth in order to perform tasks underwater. A Variable Speed ROV Controller (VSRC-1) can solve these problems.

The goal for this project was creating a low cost, 3 axis (X-Y-Z) control box. The control system described here will run approximately $250. All of the parts can be purchased online or locally and only hand tools, a drill motor, a Dremel style tool, and a soldering iron are required for assembly. With simple programming, the control box provides variable power control from 2 thumbsticks and 1 potentiometer.

Learning Outcomes

Design and building instructions are mostly generic, but specific when a mistake on crucial tasks would cause component failure or extend build time. Teams can determine their own component layout. Electrical drawing are not included (teams will need to generate their own).

Basic Skill Requirements


Robert Kershaw
This manual was developed by Robert Kershaw during his time as a Robotics Control Mentor.

Course Features

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