Course Instructional Material: Syllabus

Exploring Our World Through Geospatial Technology (GEOG 1890)

This all-online, face-to-face, or hybrid exploratory course introduces you to the fundamental concepts of Geospatial Science and how Geospatial Technology (GST) is used to measure, imagine, study, and discover our complex and everchanging human and natural world. You will learn the basic techniques of cartography (mapping), GPS (global positioning systems), GIS (Geographic 1 Information Systems), …

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Electric Vehicles & Hybrid Technology

The course is designed for the automotive technician who wants to gain greater knowledge in the practical management of electric vehicle systems. It is intended to give an in-depth look at the hybrid vehicle components including the Atkinson engine cycles, AC Induction & Permanent Magnet electric machine construction and operation, battery packs, power inverters, transaxles, …

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