Course Education Level: Continuing Education

Introduction to Electronics

This learning module is provided by Work-Ready Electronics and provides an introduction to electronics. Work-Ready Electronics modules are intended to be used either independently or integrated with current electronics curricula in college programs. This module is divided into three sections: Course Materials, Learning Activities, and Resources.

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

The document is divided into the following chapters: Introduction, Sensors, Microwaves, Image Analysis, Applications, and more. Each chapter includes descriptions, definitions, graphics, and diagrams. Additionally, each chapter ends with a short answer review question along with its answer.

Electric Vehicles & Hybrid Technology

The course is designed for the automotive technician who wants to gain greater knowledge in the practical management of electric vehicle systems. It is intended to give an in-depth look at the hybrid vehicle components including the Atkinson engine cycles, AC Induction & Permanent Magnet electric machine construction and operation, battery packs, power inverters, transaxles, …

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Preparation for Part 107

The links & PDF files provided for this course will add in the preparation for taking your Part 107 Exam. You will get information on flight courses, checklist, study guides, rules, regulations, charts, handbooks & much more

Apps for Precision Agriculture

This PowerPoint presentation, made available by Clark State Community College, provides basic information on twelve different mobile applications that can be used to aid in various aspects of precision agriculture. Examples of application utility include drone monitoring, crop management, use of satellite imagery to monitor crops, plant stand calculations, weed identification, and more.

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