Course Categories: LiDAR Data Processing

Fundamentals of LiDAR Technologies

This 45-page resource, from Baker College, is an educational module that provides theoretical knowledge about the growing technology of Lidar. The module includes a laboratory component where students experiment with an industry grade commercial Lidar device and learn hands-on about its features and performance. The module can be embedded in courses in photonics, electronics, advanced …

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IT311 – Sensors Used in Connected and Automated Vehicles

A course in the Vehicle Engineering Technician, Automotive Technology Associate Degree at Macomb Community College This course introduces students to principles of sensors (GPS, MEMS, LIDAR, Radar, Ultrasonic, Infrared) used in connected and automated vehicles, locomotion, autonomous mobile robots.

An Introduction to Visualizing and Analyzing LiDAR Data from Drones

In this 4-page activity, provided by the Unmanned Aircraft System operations Technician Education Program (UASTEP), students are introduced to some of the properties (i.e. return value, point count) of LiDAR data gathered by a sensor mounted on a drone or unmanned aircraft system. In addition, students use spatial analysis tools in the ArcGIS Pro software …

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LiDAR Data Processing and GIS Integration

This course will introduce students to basic concepts in Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). Students will also learn to process LiDAR data collected by unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and analysis these data using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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