Drone Processing

Apps for Precision Agriculture

This PowerPoint presentation, made available by Clark State Community College, provides basic information on twelve different mobile applications that can be used to aid in various aspects of precision agriculture. Examples of application utility include drone monitoring, crop management, use of satellite imagery to monitor crops, plant stand calculations, weed identification, and more.

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UAS Field Camp

This course applies all of the theory and skills taught in the first two GUAS courses through hands-on field-based experience. Students will be responsible for planning and executing sUAS flight plans. They will spend their time in the field at FAA-approved flight sites to demonstrate live operation of sUAS platforms. This course follows up with

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An Introduction to Visualizing and Analyzing LiDAR Data from Drones

In this 4-page activity, provided by the Unmanned Aircraft System operations Technician Education Program (UASTEP), students are introduced to some of the properties (i.e. return value, point count) of LiDAR data gathered by a sensor mounted on a drone or unmanned aircraft system. In addition, students use spatial analysis tools in the ArcGIS Pro software

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