We [CONNECT] by engaging with workforce and community stakeholders generating added value in programs and the workforce through opportunities using autonomous technologies.

Service Learning
Through activities with private and public sector industry partners, NCAT is providing students with real world problems to apply AT using hands-on experience in the community. The experiences are being documented and will be disseminated through our website for integration into the classroom benefitting students and faculty nationally.

NCAT is currently conducting research in service-learning practices and perspectives and thinking about service learning for autonomous technologies specifically. We are investigating ways NCAT can create models and stand up service learning for autonomous technologies opportunities nationwide. The NCAT team offers valuable background and experience with successful service-learning projects; an abundance of examples and configurations; and rich domain specific expertise for autonomous technologies, air, land and sea.

Through collaboration with senior leadership at Northrop Grumman Corporation - Grand Sky Site, NCAT was able to establish a technical level internship program. The first internships began summer 2020.
Auto Shop class SC-M building, 2019
Seal Team Scalyr_Aptos High School_show and tell with another team
Traditionally, internships at Northrop Grumman (NG) were all in HR or Engineering. In 2020, Northland and NCAT helped NG stand up the first ever technician level internship with a job requirement of Aviation Maintenance with UAS focus. NG is willing to work with Northland students and sees the value of those students. NG understands what it means to their corporation. These opportunities give students real-world operations experiences. These same opportunities enable NG to see and work with individual students; some of them become NG employees following.
- Zackary Nicklin, Co-PI
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