FAA Event Type: Virtual

Reporting Near Misses by RPIC

This prerecorded webinar is about how to report near misses flying your sUAS and how to use the database to research other incidents.

Coffee & Drone Discussion Hour

The GRADD Coffee & Drone Discussion Hour is a great place to meet other drone pilots and enthusiasts from across the country. Share and learn.

Virtual Reality Drone Airspace Exposition, SW17112909

Immersed in virtual reality (VR), this event takes place in an exposition center environment. Participants may use computers, smart devices, and VR headsets. Participants become avatars moving through the VR environment. Experience airspace learning in VR at your own pace. DronePros will be available throughout the day to take specific questions. Breakout areas within the …

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Drone Club Presents – Drone Safety Day

Drone Club is the largest drone affiliated group on the Clubhouse app that hosts weekly round table discussions with the collective drone community. Every Saturday 3pm Central we host “Drone Talk” with featured members from the drone industry. Join us as we educate the community on how we “Fly RIGHT”.

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