Todd Colten 2 - sent by him



Todd Colten is an expert in small unmanned aircraft systems, otherwise known as “drones”. He is the Chief aerospace engineer for Sentera which a start-up company in the Twin Cities, specializing in drones, sensors, and imagery analytics for agriculture.

Since 2002 he has developed and supported dozens of drones; originally for the military and more recently for commercial applications. Prior to helping found Sentera in 2015, Todd has held positions at large aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin, Goodrich, and United Technologies Corporation as well as a several small, high growth tech companies.

Todd is active in the community and promotes the burgeoning drone industry through educational outreach with schools and colleges throughout Minnesota and neighboring states. He has spoken at many industry events and is always working to bring together different interested parties within the state to grow and support the unmanned aircraft community in Minnesota.

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