VEX Robotics Signature Event Competition

Friday August 12th & Saturday August 13th, 2022

Mall of America | Northeast Atrium

This workshop hosted by: VEX Robotics

REC Foundation Signature Events give teams the opportunity to play at a tournament that is of the highest caliber. The mission of these events is to provide more opportunities for teams that do not typically attend Event Regional Championships or the World Championship to experience an event above and beyond a standard tournament. Signature Events typically have the added bonus of qualifying teams directly to the VEX Robotics World Championships. These events rely on the dedication of Event Partners who provide these world class experiences for teams. Applications to host Signature Events are open to all experienced Event Partners and are evaluated based on the criteria below.

Once Event Partner’s submit proposals to the REC Foundation to offer Signature Events the proposals are evaluated based on two overall aspects of the proposal:
1. Technical Level of Sophistication
a. Sufficient number of practice fields, skills fields, and qualification matches.
b. Demonstration of running higher caliber tournaments using technology (live streaming capabilities, electronic scoring, multiple displays, etc.).

2. Overall Feel and Team Experience of the event
a. Quality of the venue, and the venue or location provides a draw that will elevate the experience for teams to attend the event.
b. Access to nearby airports and hotels.
c. Access to experienced key volunteers to ensure the event runs smoothly.
d. Extras such as a combination of items including banners, elevated fields, special medals, and VIP guests.

VEX Signature Event Requirements
VEX Teams, Students, Educators, General Public
Registration for the event full. Thank you


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