High Resolution picture of Planet earth atmosphere from outer space with a satellie on orbit
Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
Developed by:
Natural Resources Canada
adi66 AutonomousDrivingIllustration - laser scanner - light dete
Fundamentals of LiDAR Technologies
Developed by:
Dr. Anca Sala
Hologram of Earth and blue GPS navigation interface. Concept of satellite and global positioning system. 3d rendering. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
Exploring Our World Through Geospatial Technology (GEOG 1890)
Developed by:
Eric C. Ewert, Ph.D
Remote Sensing: Principles and Methods (GEO 3840)
Developed by:
Michael W Hernandez, Ph.D.
Boy Works on a Fully Functional Programable Robot with Bright LED Lights for His School Robotics Club Project.
Module 8: Lesson 1- High School- Radar & LiDAR Systems in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Developed by:
Autonomous cars on a road with visible connection, 3d Rendering
Module 10: Lesson 1- High School- Intelligent Transportation Systems- Smart Work Zone
Developed by:
children learning coding together, learning remotely at home, STEM science, homeschooling education, Social distancing, isolation concept
Module 9: Lesson 1- High School- Dynamic Message Signs Using Makey Makey
Developed by:
Machine Learning analytics identify person technology in smart city , Artificial intelligence ,Big data , iot concept. Engineer monitoring cctv , security camera and face recognition people  traffic.
Module 6: Lesson 1- High School- Congestion Pricing & Flowcharting
Developed by:
Man turning a carbon dioxyde knob to reduce emissions. CO2 reduction or removal concept. Composite image between a hand photography and a 3D background.
Module 5: Lesson 1- High School- Sustainable & Intelligent Transportation Technology
Developed by:
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