Lane Community College

Eugene, Oregon

UAS Programs Offered

Commercial Unmanned Aerial Systems Associates Degree
UAS Geographic Information Systems Certificate
UAS Aerial Photography Certificate

With your degree in Aviation Unmanned Aerial Systems from Lane, you can use your skills to make the world a better place while having fun flying for Search and Rescue, firefighting, inspections, environmental and wildlife protection, film-making, mapping, and more!

What you’ll learn:
-Design, manufacture, assemble, calibrate, test, and fly custom unmanned aircraft
-Learn cutting-edge 3D design and printing systems, and make your own aircraft parts-Understand the principles of autopilots, electronics, radio systems, flight testing, aerodynamics, and advanced sensors such as infrared and multispectral camera payloads
-Fly exciting and technical missions with unmanned aircraft in a variety of locations
-Become a professional pilot and gain experience flying missions such as mapping historic bridges and rivers, Search and Rescue, inspecting lumber mills, videography of events and parks, 3D modeling buildings, and artistic aerial photography
-Obtain your FAA Remote Pilot License and become an unmanned aircraft expert

Point of Contact

Soloman Singer
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