California Baptist University

Riverside, California

UAS Programs Offered

BS in Aviation Flight with UAS Concentration

California Baptist College offers a BS in Aviation Flight with a UAS Concentration. Courses specific to the concentration include UAS115 Introduction to UAS, UAS 215 Small UAS Operations, UAS 315 Medium UAS Operations, UAS 415 Large UAS Operations, and UAS 400 Special Topics in UAS. The concentration requires students to earn a Private Pilot License and Instrument Rating along with classes in Aerodynamics, Meterorology, Human Factors, Crew Resource Management, Safety, Private Pilot Ground, Instrument Pilot Ground, Private Pilot Flight I and II, Instrument Pilot Flight I and II, Turbine Systems, Advanced Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems, etc. The Aviation Science Department has four full time faculty (three have their doctorates), 16 flight instructors, 14 aircraft, 4 simulators, own maintenance, and an airport campus on KRAL.

Point of Contact

John Marselus
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