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Drone Light Shows – Connecting Art, Science, and Technology to Tell a Story

In the spirit of the month of July, and Independence Day, we wanted to share insight on the topic of Drone Light Shows and not only the technology and software that it takes to run a show, but the steps that are taken in the process to design and a show. Intel is a leader in drone light show technology, designing hardware and software specific for light shows.  At the intersection of art, science, and technology – drone light shows enable a new, innovative format to tell your story in the sky.

Intel shares their process of the steps taken to design and execute a drone light show.

  • Initiate
    • Identify safe flight areas, spectator positions, optimal viewing areas
    • Acquire necessary aviation approvals
  • Animate
    • Prepare a vision using sketches, storyboards, music development
    • Use 3D modeling and animation software to compute the motion path and trajectories of the drones
  • Prepare
    • Use Intel simulation software to preview trajectories and LED sequences
    • Test and validate drones
    • Finalize security protocols
  • Perform
    • Run final safety and equipment checks
    • Enable a single computer to control the entire fleet of drones
    • Intel’s proprietary performance software offers safety and risk assessment, drone tracking and regulation compliance

For more information and to view the performances Intel has had, visit

July 20, 2021

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