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Grants & Funding
Grants and other funding sources are available to assist schools with their drone program start-up. Learn more about the different grant and funding opportunities that are available.
  • NCAT offers $1,000 reimbursement to cover registration and travel costs for applicants wanting to attend professional development. Eligible participants include secondary educators, faculty at community/technical colleges or universities and faculty supporting technician education
  • Supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) program, Mentor Connect's peer mentoring facilitates knowledge transfer from the more experienced to the less experienced. Peer mentoring also stimulates the engagement of STEM educators, broadens participation in the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program, and develops a next generation of leadership to ensure the advancement of technician education to support our nation's economy.
  • The purpose of the Carl D. Perkins grant is to assist school districts and two-year colleges in improving secondary and post-secondary level career and technical education programs. Perkins funding can be utilized to cover expenses when starting a drone program at your school. Reach out to your local Perkins Coordinator for more information.
  • The NEA Foundation is a national nonprofit organization founded by educators with a mission to work in partnership with others to promote the absolute best in public education. The NEA Foundation hosts a multitude of grant resources and offers various grants to educators.
  • Find out what you need to know to write a grant from a successful award! The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence shares their experience which includes step-by-step guidance, information on the different types of grants available and best practices on writing a grant proposal.
  • A guide on notable K-12 grants for teachers and school administrators, including grants created in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This guide includes the 12 best school grants and how to apply.

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What grant and funding resources have you used for your program? Help us inform educators of best practices by sharing your funding process on the NCAT Community Forum! 

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