Virtual Reality Drone Airspace Exposition, SW17112909

June 18, 2022 | 8:00 AM CDT

Immersed in virtual reality (VR), this event takes place in an exposition center environment. Participants may use computers, smart devices, and VR headsets. Participants become avatars moving through the VR environment. Experience airspace learning in VR at your own pace. DronePros will be available throughout the day to take specific questions. Breakout areas within the environment allow participants to conduct discussions with one another in areas focused on TRUST flyers, Part 107 Remote Pilots, and Public Use Operators. Due to environment limitations, only 90 participants can be in the exposition hall at one time. We ask participants limit their time to one hour at a time so others may enter. Participants may re-enter the environment as many times as they wish.
Free UAS airspace learning exposition in virtual reality. Registration limited to 300 attendees. Email event coordinator Dave Hook at planehook@hotmail.com to request registration information. Please use subject line "Drone Safety Day 2022 Registration." Participants can use computers and smart devices, but the environment is best experienced using VR headsets.
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