Module 9: Lesson 1- High School- Dynamic Message Signs Using Makey Makey


Course Description

Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) use active, changeable displays to enhance roadway safety as part of an intelligent transportation system (ITS). An ITS does not always have to be a large, complex, and expensive system. Sometimes a single DMS with warning lights or a driver feedback display can make a positive difference when strategically applied. DMS are very conspicuous by their active and attention capturing nature and are best applied as a roadway safety enhancement at high-hazard locations or at high priority speed violation locations.

Learning Outcomes

Following a series of tasks, students will design a hazardous intersection that could be encountered by drivers. They will use a Makey Makey circuit board to create a Dynamic Message System that will alert oncoming traffic to the dangerous intersection ahead.
  • Students will create a simple sensor using the Makey Makey circuit board which will be used to simulate a Dynamic Message Sign.
  • Students will then learn how to connect and program the Makey Makey circuit board to allow the sensor to interact with oncoming traffic.
  • Students will use a free internet-based programming software called Scratch to program a sensor. Scratch is compatible with the Makey Makey circuit board.
  • Students will learn how to add sound clips to their Scratch program to create an interactive sensor.
  • Basic Skill Requirements


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