Module 5: Lesson 1- High School- Sustainable & Intelligent Transportation Technology


Course Description

Transportation vehicles – cars, trucks, buses, trains – consume a substantial percentage of our limited environmental resources. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) can potentially reduce total resource consumption through the use of programmed travelling patterns that minimize fuel-inefficient commuting routes, and maximize large-scale multimodal system use. Students will investigate ITS-based solutions for reducing fuel consumption and calculate their carbon footprint.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will recognize the need for sustainable transportation solutions.
  • Students will investigate ITS-based solutions for reducing fuel consumption.
  • Students will calculate costs for transportation given pre-determined trip scenarios, or those supplied by instructor, using provided and/or researched information on multiple modes of transportation.
  • Students will also calculate the carbon footprint of the trip and compare their trip to other trips where different types of vehicles or modes were used for travel.
  • Basic Skill Requirements


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    Course Features

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