AT Education Community Survey

The National Center for Autonomous Technologies (NCAT) supports the advancement and innovation in autonomous technology programs to accelerate the adoption of new ideas throughout the academic community. With the continued development of our website and newsletter, we are seeking individuals with resources to highlight and promote for the national network of educators, innovators, and industry professionals. We ask that you take this short survey so that NCAT can learn more about your ATE Center or Project and your involvement with autonomous technologies technical programs. Based on the responses received, we may be in touch with you for further information.

The purpose of this survey is to:

Benefits of sharing your work:

Learn about resources,

products, programs, etc. developed by your project or center in autonomous technologies

Find ways to collaborate

and disseminate information through the NCAT website and newsletter

Invite you to become involved

in events offered by NCAT as a presenter or participant

Understand how NCAT can best serve

the needs of the autonomous technology education community through collaborations and partnerships

You and your institution will receive

proper recognition for your work centered around autonomous technology advanced technical programs

Your work will be highlighted

in the NCAT Newsletter - "Think Autonomous", on the NCAT website, and shared via social media

By promoting your work,

you will be joining a dynamic national network of educators, innovators, and industry professionals

We will promote events

your organization offers regarding AT on the NCAT website, newsletter and social media platform

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