Videos & Webinars

Infrared Thermography
Global Positioning System (GPS)
LiDAR Technology
Proximity Sensors & Radar
Introduction to Autonomous Technology
DRONETECH: Student Competitions
DRONETECH: STEM Programs on a Budget
DRONETECH: Rise of STEM Drones
DRONETECH: Drone Ops & Best Practices
DRONETECH: Intro to Drones Take Flight
DRONETECH: STEM Drones Take Flight - Anatomy of a Drone
UAS-Collegiate Training Initiative November Event
DRONETECH: Geospatial Applications Session 2.2
DRONETECH: Geospatial Applications Session 2.1
DRONETECH: Geospatial Applications Session 1.5
DRONETECH: Geospatial Applications Session 1.4
DRONETECH: Geospatial Analysis Session 1.3
DRONETECH: Geospatial Applications 1.2
DRONETECH: Geospatial Applications Session 1.1
October Connected by Drones Meeting
Mentoring Within the ATE Community
Drone Week - Share the Skies
Drones: Public Safety & Public Acceptance
Grant & Mentorship Opportunities: Two Year Tech Ed
UAS-CTI September Consortium Meeting
Recreational Flyers - Registration & Markings
FAA UAS-Collegiate Training Initiative
UAS Flight Planning Applications
Introducing M8-R SIM - Free Underwater ROV Virtual Simulator
MATE Teams Workstation World-Building - AltspaceVR
MATE ROV Competition Team Briefing & Product Demo
DRONETECH: Introduction to Imagery & Geospatial Analysis
DRONETECH: Introduction to SkillsUSA Drone Competition
A Dive into the FAA CoA Process
Welcome to the 2021 MATE ROV Competition Virtual World!
Dive into the 2021 MATE Virtual World
VR: Sustaining Social Interaction, STEM Engagement and Access
Remote ID, Operations Over People and Night Operations
Developing, Starting, and Maintaining a Drone Program
Hydra FPV: Why We Fly
IN THE CLASSROOM: Drones in STEM Education
Starting a Drone Program
UAS Passion to Profession
IMPROVE Your Flying Skills: DRL Simulator
LEARN From Us: Before You Fly
NCPN Social VR
Joining an AltspaceVR Event
MATE ROV Competition World Championship Highlights
Northland Aerospace Virtual Site Tour
Opening the AltspaceVR Application
Creating AltspaceVR User Account
UAS Careers
Instructional Video Capture Workshop
VEX Robotics: Sponsor the Future Workforce
VEX IQ: The Ultimate STEM Experience
VEX Robotics: Giving Students a STEM Experience
DRONETECH: Preparing Your Mission Profile
DRONETECH: Mission Preparation Checklist
CA2VES Digital Learning Solutions
Teaching Using Social VR
Preparing the Future Workforce
US Bank Stadium Industry Partnership
The Future Workforce Begins with a Spark
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