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Course Description

The Spectrum Innovates Pathway Program program (SIPP) was created to “address the autistic community’s employment crisis and the forecast[ed] shortage of technicians in the aeronautics industry over the next twenty years.” SIPP is a “prototypal transition pathway program for those on the autism spectrum who share a common passion for aeronautics.” The primary goals of this program are to prepare students for success in higher education and to enter the workforce in advanced technician roles. This program is a partnership between NPF Nexus and Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, Inc.

The following are the project objectives:
  • provide a strength based immersive, integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum responsive to the autistic learner and based upon industry standards for competency based certification;
  • revision or creation of 3 courses totally 12 credits incorporating SIPP technology;
  • design student assessment and evaluation system; and
  • to create a comprehensive plan for admission and exmission for students. SIPP is intended to be a bridge for autistic students that have completed high school. Students in the program work in the Innovation Hub and are “immersed in the experiential learning process, students acclimate to the collegiate and work environment and develop critical life and practical skills facilitating the unlocking of their fullest potential.” The program runs for 12 months. There is a 6-week orientation, two academic semesters, and a 6-week residency experience.
  • Learning Outcomes


    Basic Skill Requirements

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