Drone Maintenance and Repair


Course Description

Students learn the necessary knowledge and mechanical dexterity for the troubleshooting and repair of a variety of technical, electronic, and mechanical problems on a less than 55 pound unmanned aircraft system. Lecture and laboratory topics include sUAS maintenance, identification of system components, payloads, aircraft modification, part installation, hand-held ground control station maintenance, battery maintenance, radio frequency, basic soldering, safety inspections, test flights, software updates, and record-keeping and checklist writing.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course of study students will:
  • Develop the basic competencies required to maintain a sUAS aircraft including propulsion and lift systems, battery systems, electrical and flight control systems, aircraft structures, aircraft weight and balance requirements, and sUAS flight control software requirements.
  • Develop the basic skills required to effectively solder electronic components, wires, and connectors.
  • Develop an understanding of human factors that effect the sUAS service technician and the possible safety and accident risks that can develop from failing to recognize the efforts of these factors.
  • Develop an understanding of Federal Aviation Regulations that control maintenance requirements for sUAS’s under both Part 107 and Part 135.
  • Basic Skill Requirements


    Anthony Esposito
    Anthony Esposito is an Assistant Professor in the Aviation Department at Atlantic Cape Community College.

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