Module 6: Lesson 1 – Middle School – Congestion Pricing & amp; Flowcharting


Course Description

Congestion-based tolling is an aspect of intelligent transportation systems that is being implemented frequently on highly-congested road networks in the US and around the world. It is a topic that also lends itself to beginning-level programming, based on its iterative nature. Through discussion, analysis, and a hands-on programming activity, students will be able to understand the benefits of congestion-based toll pricing and at the same time, be provided with a foundation for flowcharting and programming.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn about congestion-based pricing: its purpose and various possible methodologies.
  • Through discussion, students will learn flowcharting concepts: the methodology, the meaning of symbols, and the purpose of flowcharting.
  • Students will learn to create flowcharts for a simple task and then to demonstrate an example congestion-pricing algorithm.
  • Basic Skill Requirements

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    Course Features

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