The Marine Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems Webinar


The Marine Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems: From Improving Weather Forecasts to Igniting Entrepreneurship and Collecting Whale Snot for Conservation brought to you by the National Center for Autonomous Technologies (NCAT) and the MTS Monterey and Great Lakes Sections.
The goals of the webinar are to:
1. Increase awareness and highlight the use of UAS in the marine space
2. Contribute to the community’s professional development
3. Introduce NCAT to the MTS community

Dr. Gary Wick – Acting Deputy Director, NOAA UAS Program; Hydrometeorology Observations and Processes Team, NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL). Dr. Gary Wick brings a PSL a strong background in oceanographic and atmospheric remote sensing along with extensive experience in air-sea interaction processes. In recent years he has worked with unmanned aircraft evaluating their potential impact for NOAA in the areas of forecast improvement and understanding of surface-atmosphere interactions. He is currently serving as the Acting Deputy Director of the NOAA UAS Program.

Aaron Bottke- Founder and Director of Research & Design, Hybrid Robotics, Inc.
Aaron Goddard – Founder and President, Hybrid Robotics, Inc.
Ryan Mater – Founder and Operations Manager, Hybrid Robotics, Inc.

Hybrid Robotics has been in development of a hybrid system that encompasses the best of both unmanned marine and aerial technologies. As the industry looks for more efficient, cost effective ways to do inspections and research, the technology needs to change as well. Our goal is to be on the forefront of this change and provide customers with reliable solutions. With our products and services, we empower our customers to collect both subsea and aerial data while allowing users to remain on shore out of harms way.

Dr. Iain Kerr – CEO, Ocean Alliance. Dr. Iain Kerr is the CEO of Ocean Alliance (OA), an organization recognized as an international leader in whale research and ocean conservation since its founding in 1971 by renowned scientist Dr. Roger Payne. Ocean Alliance’s programs include a groundbreaking global pollution study termed The Voyages of the Odyssey; the longest continuous study of a great whale species, The Patagonia Right Whale Program; and a number of education initiatives that fall under the heading of Ocean Encounters. Under Dr. Kerr’s leadership, OA has also maintained a reputation for developing innovative benign research tools and techniques that engage scientists and conservationists alike. The most recent iteration from OA’s Drones for Whale Research program is a SnotBot, a drone that collects biological information from a whale’s exhalation (or snot) non-invasively.

Moderator – Jill Zande – President/Executive Director at MATE Inspiration and Innovation (MATE II). Highlights of her 22 years with MATE including working with the MTS ROV Committee to establish the global student ROV competition and coordinating the development of MATE’s Underwater Robotics: Science, Design & Fabrication textbook. Both involved cultivating and maintaining partnerships with industry, professional societies, academic institutions, and STEM professionals. Zande is an active member of the Marine Technology Society (MTS). She served on the MTS Board as the Vice President of Education and Research for 6 years. She currently serves as the Underwater Intervention (UI) Technical Program Committee Marine Education Track Chair, the Chair of the Monterey section, and is a member of the MTS ROV and Education Committees.


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