NIST sUAS Standard Test Methods Proctor Course – California


24 hours of classroom and hands-on flight instruction covering the National Institute of Standards and Technology sUAS Standard Test Methods. The NIST sUAS Test Methods include four different “test lanes”: Basic Proficiency Evaluation for Remote Pilots (Part 107 qualification); Open Test Lane; Obstructed Test Lane; and Confined Test Lane. These test methods can be used to evaluate sUAS capabilities and sensor systems, or remote pilot proficiency for credentialing. The tests are easy to conduct alone or in groups, and inexpensive enough to set up multiple concurrent lanes. They are quick to perform, typically less than 30 minutes to conduct all the tests in a given lane, so they can support flying practice for remote pilots at the beginning of every training session. The NIST sUAS Standard Test Methods are an excellent way to add a sUAS pilot flight skills credentialing component to your sUAS program. NIST has created a comprehensive user guide, scoring forms, and apparatus targets that can be printed and placed in the test apparatus buckets. Attendees will learn how to fabricate apparatuses, conduct trials, and embed them into their own training and credentialing programs. The NIST sUAS Test Methods have been adopted, or are under consideration for adoption, by the Airborne Public Safety Accreditation Commission, National Fire Protection Association, and ASTM International.

Attendees should be experienced sUAS pilots who want to hone their skills, evaluate sensor systems and/or have a desire to train and evaluate other sUAS pilots. Attendees must bring their own quadcopter style sUAS, capable of at least 15 minutes of flight time, equipped with a camera. Additional sUAS batteries and a battery charging station are also required. A laptop computer is highly desirable.


Experienced sUAS pilots


November 5-7, 2021 | 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Glendale Community College, Glendale CA


Course fee: $275.00
Registration fee includes one (1) year membership to APSA. Not applicable to current APSA members.
Note: A minimum of 30 paid registrants by October 15, 2021 is required to conduct this course. All attendees must be registered to participate.
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