MATE ROV Regional Competition, PA

June 5, 2021

Virtual Event

Students compete at the MATE ROV Regional event to secure a spot at the MATE ROV World Competition. Students are scored on the following items (depending on class level):

The overall theme of the competition changes every year. Product demonstration tasks are released in the fall as part of the competition manuals, but many teams start building their control system earlier (the vehicle will always need to move through the water). More information, including score sheets and rubrics, regional competition information and videos, are released in the winter and early spring. Also required at the World Championship is a company spec sheet. Another, optional component offered at some regionals and at the World Championship is corporate responsibility.

The competition consists of a product demonstration run and three engineering and communication components: a product presentation, technical documentation, and a marketing display.

*The Product Demonstration is the vehicle completing the in-water mission tasks. Teams are scored on what they are able to complete and a time bonus if they can complete all the tasks.
*The Product Presentation is an oral presentation given by the student team members to a panel of working professionals, followed by a question and answer period.
*The Technical Documentation is a written report detailing the design and operational features of the vehicle.
*The Marketing Display is a poster that showcases the features of the vehicle.
*The Company Spec Sheet is a one page, brief description of the team (company) and ROV.

This will be a virtual event. Links to the event will be attached when available.
Students from Scout and Ranger classes and leaders
Scout Class - $ 50.00 | Ranger Class - $ 200.00
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