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What drone curricul...
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What drone curriculum are you currently using and what are the pros/cons?

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What drone curriculum are you currently using and what are the pros/cons?

Topic starter Posted : January 5, 2021 11:27 am
Brian Hoag
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I'm currently using a combination of curriculum by and custom curriculum that I have developed.  At Roseville we instruct students on the basics of positive drone use in their community.  We instruct students on proper use, rules, uses and ways that they can create business opportunities for themselves.  We currently have two levels of Drone / UAS courses that build upon each other.  We tend to stick to basic concepts and develop fundamental information that leads up to a student having the ability to take their Part 107 exam to become a certified drone pilot.  We use flight simulators and a variety of different drones to instruct students on.  Every student uses a basic drone to learn how to fly after they pass their simulator qualifications.  Then they begin flying.  Once they've mastered basic drone flight operations, we then move them onto the Mavic Pro Platform which we now have 10.  Once that skill set has been mastered we then move students into advanced platforms such as DJI Inspires, Autoel Robotics EVO II and Skydio 2 platforms.  Our program is currently working to receive college articulation credits and to position our students for a post secondary career with drone technology.

Posted : January 6, 2021 10:56 am
Zackary Nicklin
NCAT Team Member/UAS CTI Moderator

@hoageeze How are you liking the Skydio platform? What, to you, sets it apart from comparable DJI drones?

Posted : January 11, 2021 9:33 am
Clint Coleman
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Hi everyone,

Clint Coleman, Dean of STEM at Fletcher Technical College in Schriever, LA.

We are using Unmanned Safety Institute's (USI) Part 107 curriculum. Being a new program at our school, we were looking for a turn key curriculum solution. The USI team has been great to work with and we anticipate continuing to offer their curriculum for the foreseeable future. Our school's support staff is a small team, so a major pro to USI for us is that we only need to email the contact information for the students in the cohort and USI does the rest. 

We provide students with access to USI asynchronous Part 107 curriculum about a week in advance of the 'in person' classes. The students have 2 coccurrent 1/2 day courses with our UAS instructor. During these two days, students have the chance to review materials in the USI curriculum with the instructor. In addition, students are provided flight time with 3 different systems (Autel Evo, Parrot ANAFI, and DJI Mavic 2). 

Once the course is completed, students take the 107 exam at a FAA Testing Center. Upon passing the exam, students also receive a certificate from our school. 

Negatives of using the USI curriculum is that we do not develop relationships with our students. However, we are looking to add more in person classes as we move past this pandemic and look at growth of our UAS program! 

Posted : February 7, 2021 11:35 am
Eugene Matthews
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Hello all. We bootstrapped our drone curriculum and developed everything in-house and using OER and FAA publications. The cons are that this has been a very arduous and challenging process for me, mainly because I had to learn about a topic, practice the topic until I was functionally literate, then reduce it to writing, generate videos, and find supported resources. On the bright side, I've been able to develop three 100% online courses, with supported materials and practical exercises the student pilot can complete; we own the curriculum and can make adjustments as needed fairly seamlessly; I get to fly and practice often; I've started some partnership conversations with the local Police Department and a K-12 school district.

I have since learned that the UASI, Pilot 101, and a lot of other pretty reputable companies have long-standing course that they've developed and have been successfully teaching for years! Even though our certificate is online, my university sits in class G airspace between some controlled airspace, which makes practicing easier.


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Posted : April 16, 2021 2:41 pm
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