Diversity Includes Disabilities

The DeafTEC Resource Center is partnering with AHEAD to provide a unique professional development opportunity for faculty and disability services personnel on fostering equitable higher education experiences for students with disabilities. This professional development will allow participants to develop a network of colleagues with whom they can share ideas, and discuss issues and experiences in STEM programming for students who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as those students with other disabilities.

Support for Community College Teams
  • Teams from up to 20 community colleges will be selected to participate in the conference
  • Each team will consist of a STEM faculty member and a staff/faculty from disability services
  • Each team member will receive a $1,850 travel stipend to attend the conference

    Teams will be required to attend a pre-conference meeting and a post-conference meeting Team members will learn from each other about challenges that they face in working with students with disabilities and how they can collaborate to overcome these challenges. Team members will be encouraged to share their experiences at the conference, what they learned, and how it will impact their teaching and support of students with disabilities, particularly deaf/hh students and student veterans with hearing loss.
  • WHEN
    July 17-21, 2023
    Oregon Convention Center - Portland, OR
    Community College Facility
    Submit a team application by February 15, 2023 using the link provided
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