AquaHacking Challenge Great Lakes

The Great Lakes AquaHacking Challenge is a technology innovation competition launching in September 2023 and is a unique opportunity to empower students and young professionals into entrepreneurship and water tech innovation.

What is the AquaHacking Challenge? It’s an immersive, hands-on program that engages students and young professionals from across disciplines to apply their skills to develop innovative tech-based solutions for critical freshwater issues. Through the nine months of the Challenge, students will have access to expert mentors and workshops. They will get entrepreneurship training and coaching as they prepare to pitch their solutions in our Shark Tank-style competitions. Finalist teams will compete for $50,000 in seed funding and a spot in a startup incubator.

It is an incredible opportunity to solve pressing water issues and launch a water-tech start-up venture! Since 2015, AquaAction has run 12 editions of the Challenge from coast to coast in North America, from which 28 youth-led water tech ventures have been established. They are commercializing their technologies, partnering with municipalities and industry, mitigating climate impact, and developing solutions to the freshwater crisis.
Aug 17, 2023-May 10, 2024
Great Lakes Region
You are at least 18 years of age; each team must contain one member that is in the 18-35-year age group. You are a resident of Canada or the USA. You, or at least one member of your team, is enrolled in a post-secondary institution, is a recent graduate, or is a young professional.
Use the registration link provided to learn more about the challenge, registration, timeline, etc.
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