Mark Gill



Mark’s career in software engineering almost predates the discipline of software engineering. He has three decades of experience in visualization and development of experiential learning environments.

He’s worked in government, military, private, and academic arenas, finally landing in a position where he can help the next generation grow up comfortable with ideas it’s taken his entire life to develop. As the current director of the St. Cloud State University Visualization Lab he can explore, pioneer, and even evangelize for the newest visualization technology and concepts.

Part of the lab’s mission is to expose students to a wide range of subjects; visualizing the Earth’s magnetosphere or developing a game to help caregivers deal with Alzheimer’s sufferers for example. He teaches classes and leads student research teams in the areas of virtual/ augmented reality, video game development, and scientific/engineering visualization concepts.

Visualization Engineer
St. Cloud State University
(320) 428-6533
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