This virtual reality workshop was designed to deliver a primer on the sensor technologies that are impacting the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and marine autonomous technologies industries. Educators from these disciplines face many challenges from the rapid integration and prohibitive financial nature of these technologies. Jobs of the future will require a foundational level of knowledge of these sensors. Through hands-on experience and discussion, we cover industry trends and the future impact of advanced technology integration resulting from autonomous technologies. Attendees are prepared to use this technology in their classroom using portable, cost efficient experimentation and exercises. 

Oculus Quest Basics tutorials

The Quest Basics Tutorial series covers all the essential information you’ll need to get started with your new device, from initial setup help to in-VR navigation tips.

Part 01: Device Setup

Part 01 contains details on what comes with your Oculus Quest, how to set up your device for the first tie, and how to wear the headset properly. 

Part 02: Play Area Setup

Part 02 contains details on how to properly and safely setup your Play Area. 

Part 03: Maintenance & Care

Part 03 contains details on how to properly care and maintain your Oculus Quest as well as how to wear the Oculus Quest with glasses.

Part 04: Navigating in VR

Part 04 contains details on how to navigate in VR and some basic information on how to use the Touch Controllers.

Part 05: How to Cast

Part 05 contains details on how to cast your Oculus Quest’s picture to a TV or mobile phone. 

Part 06: How to Create an Avatar

Part 06 contains details on how to create an Oculus Avatar and customize the appearance of your virtual self.

Part 07: How to Voice Chat

Part 07 contains details on how to join a voice chat with your friends in VR. 

ALTSPACE tutorials

Attend an AltspaceVR Event

This video introduces the steps to take to get into Altspace and attend an event. 

Altspace Lab Introduction

Senior Personnel, Mark Gill provides an Altspace Lab introduction. 

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