Autonomous Vehicle Technology Sensors – Air | Land | Sea


This virtual reality workshop is designed to deliver a primer on the sensor technologies that are impacting the aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and marine autonomous technologies industries. Educators from these disciplines face many challenges from the rapid integration and prohibitive financial nature of these technologies. Jobs of the future will require a foundational level of knowledge of these sensors. Through hands-on experience and discussion, we will cover industry trends and the future impact of advanced technology integration resulting from autonomous technologies. Attendees will be prepared to use this technology in their classroom using portable, cost efficient experimentation and exercises.

Attendees will be provided virtual reality headsets and controls for this workshop.

Jonathan Beck | Director & Principal Investigator
Chris Hadfield | Co-Principal Investigator
Zackary Nicklin | Co-Principal Investigator
Ben Richason | Co-Principal Investigator
Jill Zande | Co-Principal Investigator


Secondary and Post-Secondary Educators teaching in aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment and marine autonomous technology disciplines.


October 15-16, 2020


Virtual Workshop


To apply for the 2020 GeoTech Center regional workshop, you need to complete the Online Application.
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