Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit


The 2020 Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit will provide a “town-hall” style forum to discuss the advanced capabilities that AI-enabled autonomous systems and machine learning provide to the Warfighter in the battlespace, and how these emerging technologies are bolstering current and future DoD efforts to achieve mission impact at scale. The Summit will focus on current initiatives being enacted to leverage the flexibility that autonomous capabilities can provide the Warfighter in the future fight, both to facilitate the DoD’s strategy of developing technologically superior weapons systems to further compete in the Great Power competition, and to outpace adversaries who will also utilize artificial intelligence and other means to their advantage.

Topics to be covered at the 2020 Summit:
-Driving the development of technologically superior weapons systems with autonomous capabilities across the DoD
-Accelerating DoD’s adoption and integration of AI and autonomy to achieve mission impact at scale
-Leading the Continued Adoption of AI as the Key to Army Modernization
-Facilitating the USAF strategy to implement varying levels of AI for mission success
-Empowering the Commanders, Marines and Sailors ability to be more adaptive and resilient in highly contested environments using AI and autonomy
-Utilizing innovative and disruptive AI/Machine Learning technologies to bolster Army’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS)
-Considering the ethical and technical challenges during the development of autonomous systems

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This Summit is for Industry/Contractors, Non-Profit & Academia and Active Military & Government. This event is closed to Press.


September 29-30, 2020


Mary M. Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA


Pre-registration is required. The registration fee will include a breakfast, full lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments, access to all networking receptions, WiFi and access to a business center.
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