2020 Virtual UAS Summit Student Broadcasting and “Drone Dollars” Program


The 2020 UAS Summit and Expo will be virtual this year and students and select association members are encouraged to participate online. The UAS Summit will permit and give universities, colleges, high schools and select associations the ability to broadcast the live UAS Summit sessions to their classrooms and boardrooms during the event.

In exchange, the UAS Summit & Expo will be able to promote the event sponsors to each group during the live event via webcast, as well as after the event via mailings to the class instructors or association leaders to disseminate brochures and giveaways from the sponsors, if requested.

College Students Earn Points and Win Prizes – The UAS Summit also asks that each college student in the classroom registers for the event with their name and email, in order to enter the virtual expo hall to network with exhibitors and sponsors. While there, they can earn points called “Drone Dollars” and after the event they will be entered into a drawing to win prizes. The more points they earn, the better prize they can win. For more details on the “Drone Dollars” game, visit theuassummit.com/ema

Sessions will be on demand for 30 days. They will also have the ability to view sessions that have taken place. Each session will be available for 30 days after the live event.

To stream sessions to a class or boardroom, provide the name and title of the group leader or instructor, including email. All requests can be emailed directly to Bob Schauer, registration manager at BBI International. Email bschauer@bbiinternational.comb or call 701-738-4910. Once the contact info has been provided, the instructor or group leader will receive a confirmation email to register for the event. Presentations will be able to be broadcasted real-time during the UAS Summit via our virtual platform. Classes and groups will have the ability to ask questions directly to the speakers via the chat function, during the live session.


Universities, colleges, high schools and select associations


October 28-29, 2020


Online Virtual Event


The UAS Summit & Expo is requesting that all students register for the virtual platform, even if they are watching a live broadcast. Students are asked to chat with exhibitors looking to hire students once they graduate. Students also have the ability to earn “Drone Dollars” and win prizes for their activity in the expo hall. To register students, the group leader or instructor can provide a list of names to Bob Schauer via email. Send to bschauer@bbiinternational.com. Deadline for students to register is Friday, October 23, 2020.
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